Update: Officer Was Hit As Vehicle Crashed

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 Cpl. Phelps
At 5:53 p.m. on January 16, Cpl. Thomas Phelps was directing traffic at the intersection of Md. Rt. 260 and Jewell Road. Cpl. Phelps was directing traffic at this location to assist bail out traffic traveling through Brick House Road from Md. Rt. 4 to gain access to Md. Rt. 260.  There had been a traffic crash on Rt. 4 at approximately 2:40 p.m. that left both the northbound and southbound lanes completely closed. 

The traffic back up caused gridlock on every artery leading east off of Md. Rt. 4.  A westbound vehicle struck a vehicle that was exiting Jewell Road.  After the initial contact between these two vehicles, the westbound vehicle veered off of the vehicle it struck and sideswiped Cpl. Phelps before coming to rest on Brickhouse Road. 

Cpl. Phelps was transported to P.G. Hospital Center where he was treated for his injuries.  Cpl. Phelps was kept overnight for observation.  His injuries are non-life threatening.

For the first report on this incident see The Bay Net's earlier article here.


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