Reader's Letter: Dunkirk Concerned Business Owner

As a business owner in the Dunkirk area, I feel it is important we communicate throughout the year on issues and concerns.  Recently, our store had an attempted break in and we wanted to alert the concerned citizens to help spread the word and assist in detering crime.

The incident happened Saturday, Jan 6, 2007 before midnight. Our store alarm was activated and officials were summoned.

We would like to thank the Fire Department, who had a truck out that heard the call on the scanner.  They swung by the store, and saw that there was no entry. They did observe alleged persons. They noted there were younger adults running across Route 4 towards the Apple Green development.

We highlight this as the citizens of Apple Green should be aware. If there are concerned parents in that neighborhood with young adults they should know of potential issues or influence among their peers. 

Thanks for your assistance and if we, as a concerned business, can assist, please let us know.


Raymond Chin

Co-Owner, Dunkirk Billiards LLC

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