Calvert Workers Saluted for Storm Response

Prince Frederick, MD - 1/26/2012

By Marty Madden

The Calvert County Commissioners saluted nearly 300 local government employees for their efforts last summer before, during and after Hurricane Irene. The Southern Maryland counties of Calvert and St. Mary’s sustained substantial damage—mostly caused by downed trees—during the storm, which wreaked its destruction on the Mid-Atlantic region Saturday, Aug. 27. There were no storm-related deaths reported in Calvert County.

“I feel very honored to thank everyone for their hard work,” said County Administrator Terry L. Shannon. “You all seized the opportunity to shine. All of you demonstrated your commitment to this community. You did these things while you worried about the safety of your own families and properties.”

“I thank you for your efforts,” said Commissioner Steven R. Weems [R]. After the ceremony, Weems tempered his pride in the works of Calvert County Government workers with the observation that the post-Irene period is not over for many residents.

“There are people who are just now getting their money for repairs,” said Weems. “In essence, it’s not over.”

The county was able to respond to the hard hit areas with additional road crews and new technology aided in identifying many of those locations. Department of Technology Services Director Joe Klausner explained “real-time” power outages could be viewed at the county’s Emergency Operations Center.

“Our network did not go down during the storm,” said Klausner, who credited personnel from the Division of Buildings and Grounds for their round-the-clock vigilance of the emergency center.

In the storm’s aftermath, county officials concentrating in helping utilities restore electricity, reopening roads that were blocked by downed trees and relocating temporarily displaced residents.

“I saw it first-hand,” said Commissioner Susan Shaw [R]. “What a group of professional people we have.”

The employees recognized for their outstanding work during Hurricane Irene are:

Circuit Court - Alexa Burley, Michelle Saunders and Kathy Smith

Community Resources - JoAnn Bowe, Robert Bowen, Candice D’Agostino, Jeffrei Dunagan, Maureen Hoffman, Curt Hules, Gary Jenkins, Tonya Jackson, Debbie Jennings, Lorainne Joyner, Susan Justice, Liz LeClair, Suzy Meador, Ann Newton, Erin Stinnett, Tunya Taylor and Sandy Wobbleton  

Economic Development - Danita Boonchaisri, Gypsy Stephenson, Linda Vassallo and Mark Volland

Finance and Budget - Marguerite Holzberger, Melissa McCoy, Sharon Strand, Joan Thorp and Nancy Kay Zinn

General Services - Wilson Freeland, Robert Atkins, Dan Baker, Brandon Ball, Brian Ball, David Banyasz, John Berry, Allie Bolen, Kelly Bolen, Donald Bowen Jr., Donald Bowen III, Vincent Bowles, Dennis Bryan, Melissa Coby, Joe Denton, Dorinda Foote, David Fox, Phillip Freeland, Leonard Goddard, George Gray, Kenny Gray, Paulette Gray, James Green, Virginia Gross, Alisa Hall, Ford Harris, Stanley Harris, William Hatfield, Brian Higgs, Charles Horsmon, Mary Johnson, Mary Lou Johnson, Alohna Jones, Carlise Jones, Felbert Jones, Roshey Jones, Jerry King, Matthew Lewis, Melvin Mason, Walter McKain, Joseph Miller, Mike Mooradian, Michael Moore, Michael Oliver, Jerry O’Neill, William David Parran, Robbie Rawlings, Gene Ridgeway, Richard Robinson, Ray Senasack, Robert Shumate, Christopher Smart, Bryan Sunderland, Sherry Thomas, John Titus, Gregg Tolley, Dwight Williams, Doug Wiltrout, Benjamin Wood and Kevin Wood 

Planning and Zoning - Tamara Blake-Wallace, Gary Brady, Dale Cochrane, Mary Beth Cook, Keith Cross, Joe Hawxhurst, Judy Holt, Judy Mackall, Charles Michael, Robin Munnikhuysen, David Porter, Cheryl Quade, Beth Anne Rimmer, John Swartz, Lisa Tolomei, Olivia Vidotto and Jim Yorio

Public Safety - Tammy McGuire, Jackie Vaughan, Theresa Anderson, Timothy Biscoe, Carl Brown, Stacey Clas, John Crandell, Bobby Fenwick, Chris Goldsmith, Kimberly Gott, Katie Hanko, Wayne Hardesty, David Harris, Chris Hengstenberg, Ashley Inscoe, Kim Jones, Sherwood Jones, Tim Kane, Crystal Klinedinst, Heather mcGaffin, mike Miedzinski, Yvette Myers, Victoria Peake, Mike Rawlings, Jim Richardson, Glen Salmon, Richard Sewell, Thomas Smith, Rebecca Wathen and Becky Weems

Public Works - Terry Carlson, Chris Bartlett, James Bateman, Jim Bernal, Bruce Bevard, Robert Boteler, Ryan Bowen, Stuart Bowen, Charles Braden, Joseph Brooks, Nick Buckler, Garfield Butler, Randy Catterton, Robert Cella, Don Chainay, David Credeur, Michael Crusoe, David Daniels, Carl Denton, Lisa Dillon, Timothy Dove, Dion Etherson, Donald Eversfield, Jennifer Fannon, Melvin Ford, Mike Formy-Duval, Janet Garner, Shane Garner, Wade Garner,John Gray, Robert Gray, Rose-Marie Green, Thomas Gross, Louis Gross Jr., Christopher Hall, Dennis Hall, Steven Halterman, J.D. Hance, Chris Harley, John Harrell, Justin Harrington, Francis Harris, Henry Harris, William Harris, Kim Harriss, Malcolm Hawkins, Robert Helms, Robert Henning, Frederick Holland, Ralph Hutchins, Anthony Jacks, Joan Jaquette, Floyd Jefferson, Cornell Johnson, Francis Jones, Keith Jones, Sterling Jones, Chuck Kirby, Laurie Lago, Joseph Lankford, Robbie Lee, Gene Long, James Mahoney, Donnie McCready, Roy Milstead, Mark Mister, Alan Myers, Kenneth Napier, Carolyn Narvell, William Nix, Oscar Oullette, Kirk Parks, Sylvester Parran, Wilson Parran, Thomas Rawlings, Martin Reed, Nelson Rice, Bobby Rollins, Frank Schlotter, Rai Sharma, William L. Smith, Oliver Smith, Stephen Smith, George Steelberg, Josh Stinnett, David Stonestreet, John Sypa, Gordon Taylor, William Teter, Deutrell Thomas, Mike Thomas, Robert Thomas, John Thompson, Billy Turner, Chris Underwood, Joseph Wade, Raymond Ward, Seth Weems, Quintin Weems, Claudette White, Dane Whittington, Kim Whittington, Mark Willis, Ron Windsor, Ronald Windsor, Barbara Wiseman, Barry Wood, Theodore Wood, Allen Zentgraft and Patrick Zinn

Sheriff’s Office - Mike Evans, Craig Dichter, James Fisher, Thomas Guy, Jessica Jones, Timothy Lewis, Dave McDowell, Brent Parrott, Dave Payne, Frederick Sheckels, Maureen Uebelhoer and Diana Welch

Technology Services - Eric Benson, Robert Denton, Joe Klausner, Wes LaPre, Jim Mulligan, Kathy O’Brien, Eric Pate, Kat Poff, Heath Starkweather, Patrick St. Marie

Treasurer’s Office - Vonceal Foote

Commissioners’ Office - Maureen Frederick

County Attorney - John Norris

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