Autocross Returns to Waldorf on Sunday

Waldorf, MD - 10/21/2011

By Andy Marquis

Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Autocross will come back to Regency Furniture Stadium in Waldorf on Sunday where drivers will get the chance to drive on the edge.  During the events, Charles County Commissioner Ken Robinson (D: 1st) will issue a County Proclamation.
SCCA is one of the nation’s oldest auto enthusiasts clubs in the Nation.  During the 1960s, SCCA endurance racing frequented the Southern Maryland region at the Marlboro Motor Raceway race course, a track credited for launching the career of Roger Penske.
Autocross racing allows hobby racers to take their cars and drive to the limits on legal courses in the United States.  The runs are solo timed runs, which reduces the risk of wrecking in to other cars and promotes safe competition.
Schedule of Events
8:00 AM Preregistration check-in and day-of-event registration (bring driver’s license and for members, SCCA card)
8:15 AM Tech inspection opens
9:00 AM Registration closes
9:15 AM Tech closes
9:15 AM Novice walk-thru
9:20 AM Mandatory drivers meeting
9:30 AM First car off