Kivett, Talbert, and Adams Score Wins at MIR

Mechanicsville, MD - 6/21/2011

By Andy Marquis

Will Kivett led Maryland International Raceway as the point’s leader in Top ET 1/8 mile and left $5,000 wealthier after winning the first of the two top ET races Saturday night.  The second race was called because track officials could not get the race complete before curfew and the winnings were split among all eligible drivers still in eliminations.

“The car pretty much did its job and stayed on 5.13 the whole night,” Kivett said.  “All I had to do was keep from screwing it up.  I was fortunate enough to keep that in check so it worked out.  Everything went my way tonight.  (Winning $5,000 cash) is always a nice thing.  We couldn’t do this without Brandywine Auto Parts and the Meinhardt family and I want to thank them for backing me up on this race operation.”

Kivett beat Gordon Herman to win the first race in a double breakout.  Kivett ran a 5.138 on a 5.15 dial against Herman’s 4.767 on a 4.78 dial.

Ed Talbert won in the Mod ET class as a result of Michael Jackson, Jr’s red light in the Mod ET final.  Talbert had a .003 reaction time off the tree in the final, but would not need it to win.

“Car’s awesome as usual,” Ed Talbert said in victory lane.  “I got lucky a few rounds.  This is a tough track.  I have five wins at Mason-Dixon (Hagerstown), one win at 75-80 (Monrovia) so this is my seventh win of the year out of 14 races.  Unreal!  It’s been a good year.  I’ll take this trophy home and give it to the wife.”

Ed Talbert’s daughter, Nicole, also races in the ET class at Maryland International Raceway.  Despite having several good runs, she did not make it to the final round.

“I had a lot of fun,” Nicole Talbert said.  “Got some practice, using the box and everything.  I think I got pretty good at it, got a lot of practice so hopefully we’ll get a win.”

Tommie Adams, Jr. won the motorcycle final with a 9.921 run on a 9.92 dial beating Jimmy Murphy to won the race.

Next weekend, Maryland International Raceway is doing some retro racing with the “2nd Annual Legends at Budds Creek” which will bring throwback cars and drivers out on the quarter mile.

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