Stamm, Sparling and Mattingly in Their Own Words

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St. Mary's County Circuit Court Judge Candidates Introduce Themselves

Lexington Park - 8/29/2006

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By Anna Bedford

The position of Circuit Court Judge is an important one, and the race for the upcoming election is serious business for all three St. Mary’s candidates – not least because the election is for a fifteen year term.

On Thursday, August 24, the public was invited to a forum, hosted by the League of Women Voters, to meet and direct questions to the three candidates.

Here, in the opening statements, they introduce themselves at the beginning of the forum.

George Sparling used his time to stress the importance of experience. “Experience is the factor that separates the candidates,” stated Sparling, who has been a trial lawyer for 33 years.

Michael Stamm currently holds the position of judge, and was appointed January 13 of this year. As the incumbent he outlined the process and the reasons for his recent selection for the position. Stamm was selected by committees to fill the position of circuit court judge in January, and now hopes to be publicly elected to continue in that role.

Shane Mattingly said he has spent his life helping the working men and women of the county, and has a special interest in the rights of women and children. He suggested two notable plans for reform following election: a special dedicated docket for domestic violence cases, and an adult diversionary drug court.

More footage from the this and other forums will be posted throughout the week, to enable our readers to listen to what the candidates have to say in their own words. Check back every day for new video and news to help you decide in the upcoming election.

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