Police Link String of 7-11 Heists to Trio Already in St. Mary's Jail

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Police Link String of 7-11 Robberies to Trio Already in Jail


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Detectives with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office have identified the suspects in three recent armed robberies and have obtained warrants for their arrest. The warrants will be served once the suspects are released from the St. Mary’s County Detention Center, where they are being held on other charges.

Tocarra Bridgers, 23, of Waldorf, Cortez Khree Williams, 17, of Temple Hills and Leondas Shayron Malloy, 17, of Waldorf are being charged in connection with the armed robberies of the 7-Eleven on Smallwood Drive Oct. 30, the 7-Eleven on St. Ignatius Drive Nov. 8 and the Glymont Dash-In on Indian Head Highway Nov. 15.

Bridgers is charged with one count of armed robbery in connection with the Glymont Dash-In.

Williams is charged with three counts of armed robbery. He and an unidentified suspect robbed the Smallwood Drive 7-Eleven, police say.

Police allege he and Malloy robbed the other 7-Eleven, and he and Bridgers robbed the Dash-In.

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