Local Magician Dazzles the Crowd at St. Mary's Fair

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Local Magician Dazzles the Crowd at St. Mary's Fair


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Up and coming local magician, “Mr. Magic” entertains a crowd at the St. Mary’s County fair.

Watch here as Reggie Rice, Mr. Magic leads the crowd through a show of magic, music, dance, drama and comedy that leaves the crowd “in stitches”.

Rice has been taken his small illusion show on the road performing in a variety of events including Birthday parties of 8 kids, to events of 250 plus people such as St. Mary’s County Fair, Church group, The Boys and Girls Club and even The Leonardtown Beach Party.

Rice has learned his trade from world-class magicians and has been performing at HyperspaceFunCenter and around Southern Maryland for the last four years, in countless events around the community. He is also a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians for the last 3 years.

“I have always enjoyed entertaining people and making them laugh, I believe that as long as people are having fun, I am doing my job,” says Rice. “My promise to all who come will be entertained, and as always, tricks are not just for kids.”

Mr. Magic’s shows could not go on smoothly without the help of his assistants and fellow magicians James Hollyer, Abo Raum, Bradley Silvestro, and Carlton Silvestro. He also thanks Mike Greenlee for assisting in setting up the production and music and Kathy Hollyer the Owner of Hyperspace Fun Center for sponsoring all the events.

The next chance to see Mr. Magic perform will be at the Blessing of the Fleet at St. Clements Island on Oct. 7 and 8, with three shows a day.

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