High School Teacher and Coach Charged With Sex Abuse of Minor

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High School Teacher and Coach Charged With Sex Abuse of Minor

Prince Frederick - 6/7/2006

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By Anna Bedford

The Bay Net photos by Anna Bedford
The Bay Net photos by Anna Bedford

On February 26, a father of a Calvert High School student found a letter in the recycling bin at their home. The letter, written by his 16-year-old daughter “implied she was having a relationship of a sexual nature with someone other than her boyfriend,” according to a police report. The parents suspected Gene Libby, their daughter’s track coach, and a Math teacher at Calvert High School because he had been spending so much time with her.

On February 28 the parents confronted their daughter with the letter and she admitted to them that “something had happened.” Her parents then invited Gene Libby, who is 36, to their home to confront him. Libby acknowledged that during a trip to Massanutten, Va., in June 2005 he had kissed and “touched” the then 15-year-old girl. The teen’s mother told Libby he was to have no further contact with her daughter, and Libby reportedly agreed.

However, the parents went on to find several more disturbing notes in their daughter’s room, some written by the girl, and some by Libby, one initialed “GEL” (Gene Edward Libby). In one typed letter from Libby to the girl he writes, “I understand that you don’t really want to do anything before you are wed, but […]the fact that I see you so much and cannot be with you does not sit well with me internally.” In another letter apparently written by Libby he wrote, “I agree that there are some things that we need to conceal. However, I am going to allow my touchy-feely personality to come out and be myself again. I figure if I can still be that way with others, then I could be that way with you and no one will throw up a red flag.”

On March 6, the mother lodged a complaint with the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, reporting child sexual abuse. Libby is currently being charged with sex abuse of a minor, a 25 year sentence, second and third degree assault, which each carry 10 year penalties, and with sex offense forth degree, for which the penalty is one year imprisonment and/or $1,000 fine.

One of the most shocking things about this case is the extent to which the allegations suggest Libby used his position as a coach and teacher to manipulate the student and her family, as well as to facilitate the abuses. He was her track coach for the third consecutive year when the alleged abuse began during a trip to Virginia. Libby had asked the student’s parents for their permission to take her on a trip with his family. He told the parents he wanted to take their daughter along as a “mother’s helper,” because he and his wife had a six month old son, as well as other small children. Ironically he also told them he wanted to be able to take his wife out in the evening. The family of the victim agreed to let their daughter go with this man, who they knew as a coach and school teacher, and who portrayed himself as a family man. They felt she would be “well supervised,” according to a statement taken by Sergeant Hollinger.

What the fifteen year old did not reveal to her parents when she returned from the six day trip was that while staying in the condo Libby had “grabbed” her and tried to French kiss her, while she resisted, and placed his hand inside her pants, police say.

When the school year began Libby told the student he was depressed and going through marital problems. She reportedly “felt he was trying to play with her sympathies so that she wouldn’t tell anyone what happened.”

Other incidents of sexual abuse include at least five that occurred while the student and Libby were running along Calvert Beach others in Libby’s bedroom, in his children’s bedroom, in the student’s bedroom, in a hallway of her home, in his kitchen, and at his parents’ house. While Libby was driving the student from practices between August and November of last year there are allegations of assault “almost every day” while he was driving.

 Trailers at calvert High School, such as those used by Libby    - The Bay Net photos by Anna Bedford
Several alleged sexual offenses and assaults also occurred on school property, on the cross country trail, and also in Libby’s trailer, which the student visited at least three days a week to pick up math books, according to the allegations. On occasion Libby locked her in his classroom, and on others he kept her there to “show her something.” In statements give to police, it is revealed that Libby sometimes kept the girl in his trailer just to talk to her, but other times engaged in sexual acts there, and afterwards exploited his authority by providing her with a late pass for her next class.

The victim “disclosed so many more incidents of sexual abuse that I asked her to submit another written statement,” stated Sergeant Hollinger, in a report. Although the statements and allegations do not include the word “rape,” among the allegations are documentation of statutory rape and a description of “forced” intercourse. The charges against Libby involve incidents that occurred between June and December of last year, while the girl was 15 years old, and “in the care and custody of Mr. Libby.”

Libby, who lives in St. Leonard, was arrested on the evening of May 24. He was released at 9:39 p.m. that same evening after posting a $50,000 bail and on the conditions that he have no contact with the girl and that he does not return to Calvert High School.

The Bay Net will not reveal the identity of victims of sexual abuse.

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