Well Pet Clinic Expands Again

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Well Pet Clinic Expands Again

Lexington Park - 2/11/2006

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By Sean Rice


The Bay Net photos by Sean Rice

Despite popular rumor, The Well Pet Clinic in Lexington Park is not run as a non-profit pet clinic.

They run a typical for-profit business, but they differ from the typical veterinarian (or any business) in that they are more dedicated to caring for animals and reducing the feral pet population than making a buck.

Crazy? Some people think so.

“Some people think we’re crazy, but it’s a serious problem,” says Kathy Delozier, who with her daughter Irma Delozier opened Well Pet Clinic nearly 9 years ago in a basement apartment on Great Mills Road.

On Thursday, the company opened for business in its newest location, five doors down from the previous location in Millison Plaza.

It is widely known that Well Pet is the most reasonably-priced veterinarian in the area, and possibly in all of Southern Maryland. The bill for pet care will be what they say it is, and they don’t come up with surprise procedures like the much needed doggie root canal another vet may try and sell you. This non-nonsense commitment to pet care may be why the company continues to grow year after year.

In the first Great Mills Road office, Well Pet operated in an 800 square foot office. At the former location in Millison Plaza the team operated in 1,200 square feet of space, but the growing clientele spurred the move to the current 2,800 square foot facility.

“We both worked in a shelter for years, putting animals to sleep everyday,” Kathy said during an interview with The Bay Net Thursday.

“Putting them to sleep everyday is not the answer,” she said. “So we opened to be able to offer care and enable people to keep their pets … one of the main reasons people relinquish their pets at a shelter is because they can’t afford the care.”

The Deloziers are also willing to work with people who can’t afford care, but they use a discerning eye and do not just give out free or discounted services to people just looking to save money.

Approximately 15,000 pets were brought to the Tri-County Animal Shelter in Hughesville from the tri-county area last year. Many were taken there by county animal control officers (AKA dog catchers), of which there are three in St. Mary’s County.

Well Pet offers an alternative to the shelter, were pets only have to be kept for three days, by law, before getting put down.

Well Pet never euthanizes pets (except in extreme cases of viciousness, or health), but cares for their rescued pet population using volunteer foster parents until the furry friends are adopted at one of their weekly Adoption Days, run by the Animal Relief Fund. Last year the Animal Relief Fund took in 600 pets.

Any pet they take in is neutered before adoption to help stop the cycle of unwanted and abandoned pets.

The Deloziers started the Animal Relief Fund as their non-profit wing of the operation, “because so many people thought we were a non-profit, and offered us donations.”

Adoption days are held every Saturday at Well Pet, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Prospective adoptees can preview the available pets under the care of the Relief Fund at www.animalrelieffund.org. Other pets available for adoption can be found at www.petfinder.com

Irma, left, and Kathy Delozier, stand at the front desk of the new Well Pet Clinic location 

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