Tiki King Delights the Masses at Blessing

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Tiki King Delights the Masses at Blessing


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By TBN Staff

All afternoon, more and more people came to the tiny hamlet of Solomon's Island to witness the yearly spectacle that is the grand opening ceremony at the Tiki Bar. The excitement built throughout the day as Tiki proprietors proceeded to surprise guests with new and great acts.

During the afternoon, there were stilt walkers, fire jugglers and more, but as the Tiki King approached, excitement grew quickly as Anheiser Busch's famous Clysdales were harnessed and ready to take the King around Solomons!

Other people enjoyed the opening; at the bar and its surrounding socializing areas, across the street by the water and in boats. All had fun while awaiting the ceremony. TBN was there to record it all and will continue coverage throughout the evening. Look for a final wrap-up slide show on Saturday, April 17.

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