Welcome to TheBAYNET.com's Amazing Halloween Spooktacular!

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Welcome to TheBAYNET.com's Amazing Halloween Spooktacular!


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By Our Readers

Get ready for a day of spooky times, squeamish thoughts, ghostly encounters, and out right Halloween gore as presented by TBN readers. Those of you who have followed the events of the past two weeks know that TBN has solicited stories from its readers for use in our all day Spooktacular.

The entries were submitted by a wide variety of people of all ages, from middle school to retirees, so there is a lot of variety from which to choose. Believe us, it was a difficult task selecting the nine entries for today’s Spooktacular. Some stories are long, some are short and some are poems, but they are all good.

Today, beginning at 7 a.m., there will be one new story posted as a TBN Spotlight feature every hour until 3 p.m. When the story goes up, you, our readers, will get to vote on your favorite stories throughout the day. The story that receives the most votes will be the Spooktacular Grand Champion and win a fabulous prize package.

The stories receiving the second and third most votes will also receive some great prizes. Everyone that is selected to be part of our Spooktacular contest will receive a free Papa Johns Pizza for their hard work. All the winners will be announced on Saturday, Oct. 25.

To vote go to the comments section of each story and vote either Yes or No. Make your choices carefully and keep your votes confined to a yes or no answer. For the Spooktacular contest, normal comments will not be allowed on our reader-submitted stories. However, we have started a forum for the Spooktacular and feel free to comment away there.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy some fabulous Halloween Spooktacular Fun and vote for your favorite story.

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