Woman Arrested for Breaking into Friend's Home

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Woman Arrested for Breaking into Friend's Home

HERMANVILLE - 3/29/2008

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 Deputy Lebrack responded to a residence on Hermanville Road on March 27 for a report of suspicious activity.

 Upon arrival, Deputy Lebrack met the victim outside of her residence.  The victim reported when she arrived home she found a strange vehicle in her driveway and her dog, which had been secured in her residence, outside.

 The victim had not entered the residence.  As the victim was talking to Deputy Lebrack, Deborah Diane Sapp, 47 of Leonardtown, walked out of the victim’s residence.

 The victim stated she knew Sapp but told the Deputy Lebrack that Sapp did not have permission to enter her residence when she (the victim) was not home.

 Further investigation revealed Sapp tore a small hole in a screen and enter the residence through a window.

 Sapp stated she was just waiting for the victim to come home so she could to talk to her. Deborah Sapp was arrested and charged with 3rd degree burglary and destruction of property.

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