Bohanan reacts to O'Malley veto of wind turbine bill

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Bohanan reacts to O'Malley veto of wind turbine bill

Annapolis, MD - 5/19/2014

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By Dick Myers

Del. John Bohanan (D: 29-B)
Del. John Bohanan (D: 29-B)

Several Republicans blasted Democratic Del. John Bohanan (29-B) at the St. Mary’s GOP Lincoln Reagan Dinner Friday. They said his lack of leadership within his party in failing to get Gov. Martin O’Malley to sign the wind turbine bill contributed to its defeat. See previous story:

Bohanan, in an email sent over the weekend, said, “Lots more to do on this issue!  Working with Congressman Hoyer now on the DoD role in making sure we protect our assets at Pax!”

Bohanan then issued the following state on the veto of HB 1168: “First, I want to restate my personal commitment to renewable sources of energy. I supported the Governor on his signature offshore wind bill in support of our environment, and have taken other tough votes when I thought it was the right thing to do.

“The Legislature took a decisive act with a strong vote in support of the men and women at Pax River who work so hard each and every day to protect our fellow Americans who proudly wear the uniform in defense of our Country. This veto ignores the $2M study currently underway to find a real solution to allow wind energy and sensitive radar systems to coexist. It also advances a State approval process without respecting the US Navy’s procedure to evaluate the actual impact this could have on the great work we do at Pax to ensure the safety and survivability of our military who are sent into harm’s way.

“I am disappointed by a veto that protects investors from an expiring federal tax credit over the job security concerns of Maryland families who work at Pax River Naval Air Station.

“I’m proud to stand with my colleagues in the Legislature who did the right thing and I will continue to work hard in support of the DoD process to evaluate the impact this has to our national security.”

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