Carwash Association launches "Wash to Save the Bay "2014

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Carwash Association launches "Wash to Save the Bay "2014

Severa, MD - 5/19/2014

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By Press Release, Mid-Atlantic Car Wash Association

The Mid-Atlantic Carwash announces the launch of Wash to Save the Bay. On June 7 (rain date, June 14) participating carwashes throughout the region will donate a portion of the price of each wash sold to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. In its first year in 2013, the program raised $7000.

This innovative program speaks to the important role professional carwashing plays in keepings soaps, road salts, and other chemicals out of our waterways.  The water used by carwashes is captured, and treated on-site, before discharge to the sewer system.  In addition, many carwashes reclaim and reuse wash water in the wash process. The amount of water used to wash a car is less than that consumed in driveway washing, where the discharge goes to the storm water system.  That why using a professional carwash helps to “SAVE THE BAY.”

According to David DuGoff, president of the Mid-Atlantic Carwash Association, and owner of College Park Carwash, “washing your car in a professional facility can make a difference in the health of the Chesapeake Bay.”

Dan Callihan, chairman of the fundraiser and owner of Glen Burnie Carwash says, “I am proud that our association can take the lead in facilitating donations to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, while at the same time educating the public  about the environmental advantages of professional carwashing. “

For more information on Wash to Save the Bay, including a list of participating carwashes, go to

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