Woman sentenced for Mechanicsville 7-11 robbery

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Woman sentenced for Mechanicsville 7-11 robbery

Leonardtown MD - 9/4/2013

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By Dick Myers

2009 Bay Net picture of Stevie Rae Koncen
2009 Bay Net picture of Stevie Rae Koncen

In May of 2009 the Bay Net ran a story about a 16-year-old Charles County girl with an apparently bright future. The subject of the story, Stevie Rae Koncen was a junior dragster at Maryland International Raceway and an accomplished singer. She aspired to be a recording star. Koncen graduated from La Plata High School with a 4.1 grade point average.

Fast forward more than five years to September 3, 2013. Koncen stood before Judge Michael Stamm in St. Mary’s County Circuit Court in a detention center jumpsuit and in handcuffs. She is a drug addict. Koncen was sentenced to 18 months in jail for being an accomplice with her boyfriend (she drove the getaway car) in a September 16, 2012 robbery of the 7-11 store in Mechanicsville.

Koncen, 21, has been in jail for the past 30 days since her bond was revoked for failing to complete a treatment program prior to her sentencing. She has an eight-month-old child.

St. Mary’s County State’s Attorney Richard Fritz said he told Koncen’s family,” Quite simply she is going to end up dead with an overdose of heroin. This may very well be her last chance.”

According to the police report at the time of the incident, Koncen’s boyfriend, Daniel Kamperin of Charlotte Hall entered the store, obtained a cup of coffee and approached the counter. As the clerk, who was pregnant at the time, opened the register Kamperin reportedly threw the cup of hot coffee on her and jumped over the counter. A struggle ensued at which time Kamperin allegedly produced a hammer and threatened her. Cash was taken from the register and he fled the store.

Kamperin in January was sentenced to five years in jail but all but 18 months was suspended. He also pled guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery. Koncen was sentenced to four years with all but 18 months suspended. She will be on five years’ probation after being released. The judge provided for the possibility of a residential drug treatment program while Koncen is incarcerated.

During the sentencing hearing, Koncen’s attorney, public defender Sean Moran said, “The real depth of her addiction was a lot deeper than a lot of people suspected.”

Koncen’s mother, in addressing the court, said her daughter’s 30 days in jail was a real wakeup call for her. “My daughter is clear headed now,” she said, adding that if she can lick her drug addiction “she could be an excellent mother.”

Koncen, whose home is listed in court records as Chaptico, apologized to the judge and Fritz for her actions.

Judge Stamm told Koncen, “The way you are going that child will not know you because you will be dead.” He said he purposefully crafted a sentence that would allow her to get on the right track. The 18-month sentence means that she will serve her time locally, but the judge did not authorize work release at this time because he felt she might be influenced to use drugs again. Instead he wants to see her get in the right treatment program to right herself.

Judge Stamm said if she can get into a long-term treatment program she will get credit for that towards her jail sentence, but she has to complete the program in order to get that credit.

Koncen was then led away to serve her time. Her future this time is uncertain but remains in her own hands.

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