Local Fireman Gets Creative to Ask Girlfriend to Prom

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Local Fireman Gets Creative to Ask Girlfriend to Prom

Huntingtown, MD - 4/13/2013

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By Jeff Burroughs

Tyler Burroughs a senior at Huntingtown High School decided to get creative in asking his girlfriend Jade Hudson to the prom. Tyler is an active member at the Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department (Calvert County) and the Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department (St. Mary's County).

He created a handmade sign which was attached to the back of a Fire Truck from Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department. With a crew from the fire Department they drove over to the school where Jade was at with all the other students who were coming into the school.

They timed it perfect and drove to the area for everyone to see the sign. Right now I think Jade is still speechless as is the rest of the students with a cool way to ask a girl to the prom.

Oh and she said "YES". 

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