St. Mary's Detectives Make Two Drug Arrests

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St. Mary's Detectives Make Two Drug Arrests


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Jaymes E. Seaton
Jaymes E. Seaton

Detectives from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Vice Narcotics Division have made two recent drug arrests.

Information was received that Brian Matthew Wheedleton aka “Hollyrock” (Age 25 of Leonardtown) was selling prescription medication. Undercover purchases of “Oxycodone” were made by detectives and the suspect was indicted and arrested. He was originally held without bond.

Vice Narcotics detectives observed a drug transaction in the parking lot of a Charlotte Hall business. Suspect Jaymes Everett Brown  Seaton (Age 26 from Mechanicsville) resisted arrest before being subdued and taken into custody. On his person were two metal containers holding a total of 27 “Oxycodone” pills (Street Value $810.00) and $2,375.00 in cash. An additional 90 “Alprazolam” tablets, 35 “Oxycodone” tablets and $1,050.00 in cash were seized from a second subject who has charges pending. In addition to all the items listed, two cellular phones were recovered.

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