St. Clair Declares Candidacy for County Commissioner

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St. Clair Declares Candidacy for County Commissioner

Avenue, MD - 4/9/2013

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By Dick Myers and press release

Let the 2014 election begin! Local businessman and Avenue resident Joe St. Clair announced yesterday he is a candidate for St. Mary’s County Commissioner for the position now held by Lawrence Jarboe (R: 3rd), who is term limited. St. Clair, a Democrat, gathered family, friends, and advisors to announce his plans to run in the 2014 election.

His campaign issued the following statement: “Known by many in the community as ‘Tony,’ Joe has seen the direction that state and county government is headed. With the enthusiastic support of his wife, Sherri, Joe has decided that now is the time to make a difference. There are many reasons to run says Joe, ‘…lengthy permit processes, increased taxes, budget cuts, unfunded state mandates, costly environmental and other legislation coming out of Annapolis, gun rights issues, and lack of accountability in state and local government’ just to name a few. ‘These things threaten the way of life in St. Mary’s county and it’s time our residents have a commissioner who puts their concerns first when dealing with today’s challenges.’

“Joe is a retired farmer/entrepreneur who owns and operates Picker’s Paradise, a local antique store in Hollywood.  He is also the owner of St. Clair Enterprises, LLC, a homegrown property management company that owns and leases warehouse space to local businesses. “I think it’s obvious to most people that the path government is on is very anti-business and is hitting everyone in their pocket books. Having run many successful businesses over the past forty some years I know what employers and families need out of their government. I’ve also had the privilege of serving on many boards and commissions in St. Mary’s County over the years which has given me a unique insight into how county government works and more importantly how is has changed.  If you’ve had enough and you feel you need county government that works for you, not against you than I ask for your support’.”

Questions regarding the campaign can be directed to Robert Steele Pogue at 301-481-2801.

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