Council, Town, View Park Concept

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Council, Town, View Park Concept

North Beach, MD - 4/5/2013

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By Marty Madden

North Beach Mayor Mark Frazer
North Beach Mayor Mark Frazer

The preliminary site plan for a passive park planned for Third Street and Bay Avenue in North Beach was presented during a town council work session Thursday, April 4. Consultants Daniel P. Moyer and James K. Winter of CPH Inc. presented their initial draft for the project as well as the site’s potential.

North Beach Mayor Mark Frazer made it clear “this is a first draft” and stated input would still be taken from town residents prior to anything being etched in stone.

The vision Winter and Moyer presented included a Victorian-style gazebo as a focal point in the park, which would also include a pedestrian walkway bridge, benches, a gateway, fencing, retaining walls and fountains and ponds.  A variety of trees would be planted and sculpture art could also be used to enhance the park’s aesthetics.

Frazer said there was the possibility events could be held in the park but they would have to be small in size. Since the park is in a residential area, any activity would need to be relatively serene. “There could be no amplified music, it would have to be acoustic,” said Frazer. A permit would also be required from the town if events are allowed in the park. “There will be more discussion about this,” said Frazer.

“This is more information than I was expecting this early,” said Councilman Randy Hummel. “But this is what I had in mind.” Noting the large types of trees—such as birch, oak, magnolia and maple— that could be planted at the site, Hummel quipped, “I would like to see those trees before I die.”

There was concern from the council about permitted events in the park. “The size of the event is the thing we need to focus on,” said Councilman Mike Benton.

“I think this is a good start,” Councilman Gregory Dotson stated. He added that the park needed to be available to residents every day of the year and he would not support allowing private events there.

“I love the number of trees and the variety,” said Councilman Kenneth Wilcox, who added he “remains in the fence” about using the park for special events.

“It’s much more than we expected,” Councilwoman Gwen Schiada said, indicating she was pleased with the concept plan.

The residents who attended the work session also voiced satisfaction with the concept and also indicated they didn’t favor utilizing the park for special events.

When asked by an attendee how much the project would cost, Moyer stated, “We don’t really have a budget yet.”

Frazer said he wanted to create a “North Beach Park Commission” comprised of five members of the public to work with the consultants.

The parcel where the park will be located was purchased by the town from a developer who had originally planned to build condominiums at the site.

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