St. Mary's BOCC Agenda -- April 9, 2013

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St. Mary's BOCC Agenda -- April 9, 2013

Leonardtown, MD - 4/4/2013

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 St. Mary’s County Commissioners’ Meeting


A part or all of the meeting

    may be conducted in closed session

Times are Approximate

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

9:00    a.m.   Invocation and Pledge

9:03    a.m.   Additions/Deletions to Agenda

9:04    a.m.   Approval of Minutes

9:05    a.m.   Introduction of County Administrator

9:10    a.m.   Proclamation:  Motorcycle Safety Month and Safety Rally Day
9:20    a.m.   Sheriff’s Office:  Announcement of “Accreditation On-Site” Process
9:30    a.m.   County Administrator

9:40    a.m.   Office of the County Attorney:

1.Resolution Designating Administrative Authority Concerning Public Works

2.Adoption of Chapter 259 of the Code of St. Mary’s County to Authorize the Use of
School Bus Monitoring Cameras by a Law Enforcement Agency

10:00  a.m.   Dept. of Land Use and Growth Management: Decision on Proposed Zoning Text

Amendment to Modify Methods for Achieving a Floor Area Ratio Increase

10:15  a.m.   Commissioner’s Time

10:45  a.m.   Executive Session: Personnel, Article 24, Section 4-210(a)1 (boards and committees and
        employment contracts)

Appropriate accommodations for individuals with special needs will be provided upon request.  In order to meet these requirements, we respectfully ask for one week’s prior notice.  Please contact the County Commissioners Office at 301-475-4200, X1350.  Photographic and electronic audio and visual broadcasting and recording devices may be used during the Commissioners’ meetings. These are public meetings and attendance at these meetings automatically grants St. Mary’s County Government permission to broadcast your audio and visual image.

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