Child Mauled by Dogs in Charles County

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Child Mauled by Dogs in Charles County

White Plains, MD - 4/4/2013

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By Marty Madden

Presa Canario
Presa Canario

Police in Charles County are investigating the severe mauling of a child at a residence on Billingsley Road in White Plains.

According to Charles County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Diane Richardson, the incident occurred April 3 around 6 p.m. A man, identified by Richardson as the boyfriend of the victim’s mother, called 911. He discovered the victim, a 5-year girl, lying in the backyard with severe wounds to her face, neck, ears and upper body. The girl was flown to Children’s Hospital, initially in critical condition. Richardson reported the child is now in stable condition. “The doctors expect she will survive,” said Richardson.

Police identified the dogs as an English bulldog and two Presa Canarios. All of the dogs were taken by the Animal Control Unit to the Tri-County Animal Shelter in Hughesville. Two of the dogs—the bulldog and one Presa Canario have been euthanized.

The investigation revealed that the dogs were owned by the owner of the house where the girl and her mother were living.

The two dogs that were destroyed were found out of their kennels when the injured girl was discovered. Richardson said it was unclear if the dogs managed to get out of their kennels or if the girl let them out.

Richardson said the dogs have no history of violence and Charles County does not have a statute for registering dangerous dogs.

The incident is being investigated by the Charles County Criminal Investigative Team and Animal Control Unit.

Richardson said at this time there are no charges pending against the owner of the dogs. That might change “if we find something egregious happened,” said Richardson. “It’s a tragic incident.”

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