College Students, Staff and Faculty Take a Plunge

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College Students, Staff and Faculty Take a Plunge

St. Mary's City, MD - 4/3/2013

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By Press release from SMCM

Photos by Mike Wilson
Photos by Mike Wilson

St. Mary’s College of Maryland students, staff, and faculty took part in the seventh annual St. Mary’s College Polar Bear Plunge on Friday afternoon. With a cheering crowd present, nearly fifty participants linked arms and charged into the 46° water of the St. Mary’s River in an effort to raise awareness about climate change.

The Polar Bear Plunge is sponsored by the Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC), whose members handed out health waivers to participants before the event and brewed cups of hot chocolate for chilly plungers. Other members grilled meatless burgers and hotdogs, and one member even donned a polar bear costume.

After charging into the river once, participants cheered and lined up for a second plunge. First-year student Benedict O’Connor had a positive outlook. “It’s invigorating!” he said. Sophomore and SEAC member Abiola Akanni, who participated in the plunge last year as well, added, “Climate change has effects not only in the future, but right now. It’s important we raise awareness of the effects of our actions on the environment.”

SEAC chairwoman Alison Pendrak says the event was a success. “We got out an important message about climate change, and had a great time in the process,” she said. “The excitement in the St. Mary’s College community is great!”

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