MSP Barrack U Weekly Press Release

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MSP Barrack U Weekly Press Release


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Possession of Heroin:  On 3/12/13 at 10:57 pm, Senior Trooper Gill responded to the 5300 block of Mackall Rd. in St. Leonard to assist with an overdose incident.  Evan T. Jenkins, 24 of St. Leonard, was found to have overdosed on Heroin and was in possession of Heroin and drug paraphernalia.  He was taken to the hospital for treatment.  Charges for possession of heroin and paraphernalia are pending. 

DUI & Assault on a Trooper:  On 3/13/13 at 10:01 pm, Trooper First Class Logsdon responded to a five car traffic collision on Rt. 4 at Rt. 2 in Sunderland.  One of the drivers, Ronald E. Moy Jr. 28 of Lusby, was arrested for DUI.  During his processing at the barrack, Moy became belligerent and struck a Trooper.  He was additionally charged criminally with assault and incarcerated at the Calvert County Detention Center.

Possession of Marijuana:  On 3/13/13 at 7:50 pm, Trooper Rowe stopped a vehicle on Rt. 4 at Armiger Rd. in Huntingtown for traffic violations.  An odor of burnt marijuana was detected emitting from the vehicle.  Suzanne M. Maguire, 49 of Hollywood, was found to be in possession of Marijuana.  She was incarcerated at the Calvert County Detention Center.

Possession of Drugs With Intent to Distribute:  On 3/15/13 at 11:26 am, Trooper Matthews responded to the Prince Frederick Post Office for a reported suspicious vehicle and possible drug activity.  Michael P. Hering, 29, and Andrew R. Brady, 28, both of Prince Frederick, were both found to have numerous quantities of prescription drugs for which they did not have prescriptions for.  They were arrested and incarcerated at the Calvert County Detention Center.

DUI & Possession of Oxycodone:  On 3/17/13 at 1:38 am, Trooper Oles stopped a vehicle at the Fastop in St. Leonard.  The driver, William L. Barnes, Jr. 34 of St. Leonard, was observed drinking alcohol while driving into the parking lot.  After failing sobriety testing, he was arrested for driving under the influence.  A search revealed that Barnes was also in possession of Oxycodone.  He was incarcerated at the Calvert County Detention Center.

Name Age Date of Arrest Address Arresting Trooper
Nicole A. Parker 27 03/12/13 @ 01:53 am Lusby, MD TFC B. Wiesemann
Ronald E. Moy 28 03/13/13 @ 07:32 pm Lusby, MD TFC K. Logsdon
Adele Y. Traylor 57 03/14/13 @ 04:06 pm Chesapeake Beach, MD TFC C. Esnes
Brandon R. Addison 30 03/15/13 @ 03:51 am Dover, DE TPR. J. Oles
Donald D. Beaqueaith Jr. 40 03/16/13 @ 12:15 am Huntingtown, MD TPR. S. Barlow
Carlton L. Howard 23 03/16/13 @ 04:17 pm Prince Frederick, MD TPR. S. Lewis
William L. Barnes, Jr. 34 03/17/13 @ 01:31 am St. Leonard, MD TPR. J. Oles
Joseph C. Guidotti 30 03/17/13 @ 11:52 pm Huntingtown, MD TFC J. Wiersma

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