Charles County Sheriff's Office Braves the Shave

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Charles County Sheriff's Office Braves the Shave


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By Charles County Sheriff's Office

Some shaved their heads; others added orange hair extensions. No matter what they did individually, they came together to support a local family. Sheriff’s officers, corrections personnel and civilian staff from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office recently participated in “Shave for the Brave” a fundraiser hosted by Studio Mirage in Waldorf to help raise money for Adam Lumpkins – a five-year-old Hughesville resident who is battling cancer.  Sheriff Rex Coffey said the fundraiser was another example of how members of the CCSO are quick to help people in the community.

Some members braved the event alone while others took a back-up or two. Sean Elmore, a police communications officer, brought his 6-year-old daughter, Emma, and 1-year-old son, Connor. “I thought this was a good cause and I wanted my children to understand the importance of helping out.”

Sgt. Steve Potter and his 16-year-old son, Wyatt, did the event together. “When I told my son about Adam, he wanted to take part right away. Not only did he shave his head, he collected donations from his friends at La Plata High School and his teammates on the football team. We don’t know Adam but we knew we wanted to help,” said Potter.

Many other CCSO families joined in as well: Sgt. Rick Bagley, his wife and their 7-year-old son; Kathy Almassy, wife of Det. Darryl Almassy, and their son William; Cpl. Jon Burroughs and his son Jonathan; Sarah Carlson, her daughter, Emma, 6,  and son, Jack, age 1.   

Police communications officer Liz Murphy walked into the salon with long hair and left a few hours later bald.  “My hair was almost down to my hips. They sectioned my hair and were able to get four - 11 inch pony tails which I donated to Locks of Love. I've known Adam's parents for about 6 years and figured it's only hair, it will grow back. It's only a small act compared to what he has to go through,” Murphy said. 

Sgt. Carl Rye, a CCSO school resource supervisor collected $700 from school resource officers and members of the Charles County Public Schools Central Office. Captain Dan Gimler of the CCSO Special Operations Division collected donations from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

Other CCSO members who participated include: Captain Mike Rackey, Sgt. Kevin Keelan, Sgt. David Willis, Lindsay Larsen, PO Michael Armstrong, Sgt. Harry Bowling, PFC Mike Sokoloff and CFC Warren Philyaw.

The shaving of heads is a visual act of solidarity with someone who has lost their hair to chemotherapy. “The message it sends is clear: We respect your courage and we’ve come to help,” said Sheriff Coffey.

A collection of photos can be viewed on the CCSO facebook page at

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