Hoyer Reacts to White House Report

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Hoyer Reacts to White House Report

WASHINGTON, DC - 2/25/2013

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Congressman Steny Hoyer
Congressman Steny Hoyer

Congressman Steny H. Hoyer [D-MD District 5] released the following statement Sunday, Feb 24 after the White House released a report outlining the impact sequestration would have on Maryland:  

“Today, the White House released a report on the devastating impact sequestration would have in Maryland and across the country. From the 200 teacher and aide jobs at risk to the 46,000 civilian Department of Defense employees who face furloughs, thousands of Marylanders will experience the painful impact of the extreme, arbitrary spending cuts imposed by the sequester.  That is why we must replace this irrational process with a balanced plan to reduce the deficit while protecting jobs and investments in our future. Both House and Senate Democrats have put forward serious proposals that would do so, as has President Obama. With only days until sequestration is set to take effect, time is running short and I continue to urge the House to take action on a balanced solution to avert the sequester and protect jobs here in Maryland and in communities throughout our nation.”

To view the White House report, clickhere

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