Culinary Adventure at Saphron Restaurant to Support Calvert Hospice

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Culinary Adventure at Saphron Restaurant to Support Calvert Hospice

Prince Frederick, MD - 2/3/2013

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By Calvert Hospice

Saphron Restaurant is pleased to announce a partnership with Calvert Hospice on Friday March 22, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. This culinary adventure will include a five-course meal featuring the talents of Torben Huge-Jensen and Ray Noble, MD. Together, they promise a meal par excellence to delight your palate and support Calvert Hospice.

Torben Huge-Jensen supports Calvert Hospice because of his recent experience involving his wife’s illness. “Without Hospice, I would have gone crazy,” Huge-Jensen shared. Torben’s contribution to the meal will be Grandma’s Pork Tenderloin with paprika, dill with a port wine glaze.

Ray Noble is the medical director of Calvert Hospice and an ardent supporter of its mission. His menu contribution will be a spicy cauliflower-coconut soup with an exquisitely baked Alaskan Salmon with Creole sauce.

Rounding out the menu will be hors d‘oeuvres, soup, salad and dessert with wine pairing for each course. Half of the $100 meal will be a direct contribution to Calvert Hospice for which written acknowledgement will be provided. Those wishing to contribute additional donations will be appreciated. Call today to schedule your reservations. Saphron Restaurant, 485 Main Street, Prince Frederick, MD. Phone: 443-975-7560.

Calvert Hospice is passionately dedicated to providing Hospice care for anyone experiencing a life-limiting illness.  Bereavement services are also available for those who have lost loved ones. For more information about Calvert Hospice programs, events, and services visit  or call our offices at 410-535-0892.

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