Two Arrested In Theft at Walmart

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Two Arrested In Theft at Walmart

Dunkirk, MD - 12/31/2012

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By Calvert Investigative Team

Spencer Jermar Boxley, 31 - Larry Kelley, 51
Spencer Jermar Boxley, 31 - Larry Kelley, 51

On December 20 at 11:18 a.m. two men were charged with theft after they were observed by off-duty deputy S. Morder taking items out of the Dunkirk Walmart and Giant stores without stopping to pay. 

DFC R. Kreps responded to the area and observed the two suspects in their vehicle near the McDonald’s restaurant, where he conducted a traffic stop. 

The men were in possession of numerous items, all in plastic store bags, but they could not produce a receipt for any of the merchandise.  More than $650 in items stolen from Walmart were recovered and returned to the store. 

Giant did not wish to pursue charges against the two. 

Spencer Jermar Boxley, 31 of Washington, D.C. and Larry Kelley, 51 of Seat Pleasant, were each arrested and charged with theft less than $1000.

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