Sabre Helps Three Employees Who Lost Homes to Sandy

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Sabre Helps Three Employees Who Lost Homes to Sandy


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By Sabre Systems, Inc.

Sabre Systems, Inc., a professional information technology (IT) and engineering services company headquartered in Warrington, Pa., together with the help of their employees donated over $15,000 to three employees who lost their homes as a result of Superstorm Sandy.  Two employees who reside in Central New Jersey and one in Southern Maryland were left homeless after the storm.

Sabre employees contributed more than $5,000. That combined with Sabre's $10,000 contribution was distributed to each employee.

Greg Battista, one of the employees who lost his home, recounts his experience and shares his gratitude.

“We were under voluntary evacuation and chose to stay given that we have lived in the house since 1962, and never had any water enter the house. We took some precautions and raised all of our stuff on cinder blocks and placed items in the attic. Around 8pm on Monday night, the water was still pretty low but started rising FAST. It was coming up about 1-2 feet an hour. My road usually floods whenever there is a high tide, but when the water started to slowly seep through the door we threw down towels thinking that the water was done rising, but it was a lost cause. I put on chest waiters and my mom put on rubber boots and watched in amazement as the water kept rising. Once the water was over my Mom’s boots at about knee-high, I knew we had to leave…now! I put my mom on my back and put her into a little 8 foot boat I had ready in my backyard. We drifted over my neighbor’s fence and they let us into their house where the water rose another foot or so. Boats on trailers started floating down my road and crashed into houses. The next day it looked like the pictures I saw from hurricane Katrina, people were on roofs surveying the damage. Helicopters were constantly flying over, searching for people. People were driving boats and wave runners in the streets rescuing people.

After the hurricane flooded my house and ruined everything I had, I felt lost and confused. My fellow Sabre coworkers did so much to assist me during this difficult time, not only monetarily but also with care and support. Fred [Kuster] constantly offered his support and guidance and his wife made me a delicious chicken sandwich. I am also extremely grateful for a Sabre employee who opened his home to me and made me part of his family, the gesture greatly eases the burden I am facing right now.

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to everyone at Sabre, the generosity of the donations received has truly touched my family’s heart. Sandy may have put my family in a difficult situation, but I am confident that we will be able to rebuild. I feel very fortunate to be working amongst such generous and caring people.”

Each of the three employees expressed appreciation at the generosity of their fellow employees and the company; the donations were very helpful in assisting them to rebuild and replace what they lost. 

Founded in 1989, Sabre Systems, Inc. is a quality-driven, professional services company that specializes in providing state-of-the art technology, scientific and management solutions and services to globally-dispersed government and commercial enterprises. The company’s Core Competencies include information technology, software development, program management, engineering, logistics and statistical programs services. Sabre is headquartered in Warrington, Pa., and maintains offices in Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia and Indiana.

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