Child Abuse and Neglect of a Minor

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Child Abuse and Neglect of a Minor

Hollywood, MD - 12/23/2012

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By St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office

On Dec. 21, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to a residence of Broad Creek Drive in Hollywood for a report of a propane gas filled residence.Upon arrival deputies met the complainant who advised she left her two minor children in the overnight care of Jeremy David Northup 36 of Hollywood. The next morning when she arrived home from work, she smelled a strong odor of propane and noticed the gas stove had been left turned on.Further investigation revealed Northup left the gas stove on during the night causing the residence to fill with propane gas.As deputies entered the residence they could still detect a strong odor of propane gas. Northup left the residence prior to the arrival of deputies but was located a short time later and arrested. He was charged with two counts of child abuse and two counts of child neglect.

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