Reader's Letter: Calvert Hospice's Annual Campaign

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Reader's Letter: Calvert Hospice's Annual Campaign


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By Mary-Ann Hill

For 29 years Calvert Hospice has served the residents of Calvert County. Calvert Hospice’s compassionate and personal character, plus its consummate expertise in the control of pain and symptoms, makes it a viable choice for anyone who wishes to die with dignity, and also want to live the best life possible to their last day.

Calvert Hospice transformed a very difficult time in our lives through their knowledgeable and caring support as my mother lived out the final weeks of her life ( in July ). With their compassionate approach we were afforded the luxury of saying our good-byes without the added stress of personally providing the necessary palliative care. We knew with certainty because we saw first-hand that my Mom was lovingly cared for and had the best possible quality of life to the very end.

My husband Doug and I are privileged to be the honorary co-chairs for Calvert Hospice’s Annual Campaign. Our goal is to help raise $192,000. Doug and I are proud supporters of Calvert Hospice and it is our hope that you will join us in sustaining their good work. It will take 512 families to make a donation of $375 each to reach that goal. To date we have received support from 120 families and that leaves 392 to go. Are you one of the 512 families who have supported Calvert Hospice? If so, thank you. If not, would you please consider doing so this holiday season?

You may be familiar with Calvert Hospice’s Festival of Trees held every year during Thanksgiving weekend. Although this event raises considerable support, it does not cover the entire amount needed to run the Burnett-Calvert Hospice House. In reality, it takes at least an additional $192,000 per year to fund those operational expenses. I was surprised to learn that they do not turn away any Calvert County resident… regardless of their ability to pay!

We are asking you to help make a difference in the lives of our neighbors, family members and friends at one of the worst times in their lives – the death of a loved one. There is so much more to hospice than we ever imagined. Please join Doug and I in supporting Calvert Hospice.

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