Public Works Retirees Saluted

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Public Works Retirees Saluted

Prince Frederick, MD - 12/19/2012

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By Marty Madden

Front row, left to right, Robert L. Williams, Patricia Y. Chew and Henry B. Harris Sr.
Front row, left to right, Robert L. Williams, Patricia Y. Chew and Henry B. Harris Sr.

The Calvert County Commissioners recognized three employees from the Department of Public Works who are retiring from county government this year. The recognition took place at the board’s Dec. 18 meeting.

Division of Solid Waste compactor operators Robert L. Williams and Patricia Y. Chew are retiring after 21 and 21 years, respectively. Williams and Chew received proclamations praising them for their “commitment to the stewardship of the safety of Calvert County.”

Henry B. Harris Sr. is ending his 26-year career with the county, having served as a Highway Maintenance Division crew leader. Harris was commended in his proclamation for his “professionalism, job knowledge and dedication”The document, signed and sealed by the commissioners, stated Harris’ highway work “especially during hurricanes, snowstorms and other weather-related events, has helped enhance the traveling safety of Calvert County residents.”

The trio also received well-wishes for a great retirement from the department’s Deputy Director of Enterprise Fund Operations Mark Willis, Highway Maintenance Chief Donas McCready and Department of Community Planning and Building Steve Kullen. To all three Kullen said “I hope you walk away today proud of your work for Calvert County.”

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