Calvert County Sheriff's Office Conducts Promotion Ceremony

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Calvert County Sheriff's Office Conducts Promotion Ceremony

Prince Frederick, MD - 12/5/2012

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By Marty Madden

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office conducted a promotion ceremony during the Tuesday, Dec. 4 meeting of the Calvert County Commissioners.The four detailed promotions announced in a memo to the county commissioners were:

  • First Sgt. Donald Bowen to lieutenant and commander of the Administrative and Judicial Services Bureau
  • Sgt. Roscoe Jones to first sergeant and commander of Twin Beaches
  • Cpl. Robert Selkirk to sergeant in the Patrol Bureau, and
  • Dfc. Jason Dean to corporal in the Patrol Bureau.

One non-detailed, or permanent, promotion was announced, as Sgt. Timothy Fridman was promoted to first (detective) sergeant.

Additionally, Lt. Richard "Ricky" Thomas was promoted to captain. Thomas is in charge of the agency's Homeland Security/Special Operations Bureau.

“The need for these promotions is a result of the departure of Lt. Bobby Jones for three months in the beginning of 2013 to attend the FBI National Academy,” stated Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans [R] in a memo to the commissioners. “The aforementioned detailed promotions will become permanent upon the retirement of Lt. Col. Thomas C. Hejl [the current assistant sheriff] in early April 2013, following Lt. Jones’ return from the national academy.”

According to Evans, the fiscal impact of the promotions is $30,285, an amount that does not include benefits. The sheriff stated in a memo that $4,722 of the salary increase will be paid by redirecting a portion of the Sex Offender Registry Reimbursement.

Commissioners’ President Gerald W. “Jerry” Clark [R] indicated the discussions about funding the sheriff’s office’s proposed promotions can get contentious but commended Evans and Hejl for their persistence. “They fight for their people every day,” said Clark.

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