Calvert Dialysis Center Celebrates Reopening

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Calvert Dialysis Center Celebrates Reopening

Prince Frederick, MD - 11/30/2012

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By Marty Madden

From left to right, dialysis technicians Barbara Magruder and Sandra Garde
From left to right, dialysis technicians Barbara Magruder and Sandra Garde

To recall the chaos on West Dares Beach Road in Prince Frederick Thursday, July 19 when every Calvert County volunteer fire company converged on a building involved in flames, seeing the transformation of the one-story medical facility is truly amazing.An extraordinary rebirth is exactly what has occurred at the IDF Calvert Dialysis Center. Forty firefighters battled the mid-summer blaze, which deputy fire marshals surmise was sparked by a discarded cigarette. In addition to Calvert’s companies, crews from Benedict also fought the fire, while Calvert County Sheriff’s Office deputies controlled traffic.

Damage was estimated at $200,000 and amazingly, no one was injured.

In less than four months the center has reopened, is again accommodating its nearly 40 patients and, according to staff, the facility looks better than ever. “Absolutely beautiful,” said dialysis technician Barbara Magruder, who has worked at the center for nine years. “They utilized the space differently,” said dialysis technician Sandra Garde, a 10-year employee. “The patients love it.”

The center reopened Nov. 8 and on Thursday, Nov. 29—exactly 19 weeks after the devastating fire—the facility held a three-hour open house.

Dr. John Sadler, a nephrologist who is the founder and CEO of the Independent Dialysis Foundation (IDF), had praise for the firefighters, property owner Jack Hammett and Calvert Memorial Hospital (CMH) CEO James Xinis.

“The basic structure of the building was saved,” said Sadler in commending the quick work of the responders. Hammett, said Sadler, was able to use his connections with the building community to get the restoration project expedited.

Xinis was commended for taking quick action to accommodate displaced patients and working with IDF to arrange Medicare services for most of the patients.“Jim Xinis has always been a good friend to our program,” said Sadler.

According to Sadler, IDF has eight kidney dialysis centers around the state. Dialysis, he explained, “is a unique part of healthcare. You see these patients three times a week. It’s kind of a synthetic family.”

The procedure is an arduous one for patients. The Prince Frederick facility, which has patients from all over the Southern Maryland region, tries to alleviate the ordeal with its pleasant atmosphere and televisions at every station. Looking at the ceiling, you can also observe a new component—a sprinkler system. Sadler said the system was a requirement in order to rebuild.

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