County to Showcase GIS Capabilities at Event

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County to Showcase GIS Capabilities at Event

Prince Frederick, MD - 11/13/2012

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The powerful combination of data and mapping in Calvert County’s Geographic Information System (GIS) holds a wealth of information on population, county amenities, the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area and much more. Residents can sample this treasure trove Wednesday, Nov. 14, during GIS Day, an international event that celebrates all the things the system can do for the public.

The technology is used worldwide to capture, manage and analyze data in order to reveal relationships, patterns and trends through maps, globes, reports and charts.

Residents are invited to view demonstrations of the county’s GIS capabilities in the lobby of the Courthouse Annex, 176 Main St. in Prince Frederick from noon to 4 p.m. There will be large maps on display, demonstrations of the interactive maps on the county’s website and exhibitions featuring a 360-degree camera and global positioning system (GPS) data collection.

Calvert County’s GIS system was first implemented in 2003 as a way to manage, analyze and publish geographic information. Since then, GIS has expanded to serve many departments within county government and many county agencies use GIS to execute functions.

For example, Community Planning & Building uses GIS for long-range planning, environmental assessment and code enforcement. Emergency Management uses GIS for evacuation planning, situational awareness and mitigation of storm damage. Public Works uses it for asset management, engineering and future capacity planning.

Other agencies such as the Election Board uses it to assist with redistricting and the public can use it to examine aerial and topographic maps, find nearby county services and determine if specific properties are impacted by Chesapeake Bay Critical Area or 100-year floodplain regulations. The sheriff’s office uses GIS for crime mapping and analysis.

For more information about GIS Day or the technology, call Eric Benson in the Calvert County Department of Technology Services at 410-535-1600, ext. 2756.

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