The Patuxent Partnership Holds Annual Meeting

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The Patuxent Partnership Holds Annual Meeting

California, MD - 11/8/2012

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By Dick Myers

(l to r) George Erichsen, George Hurlburt, Dr. Frank Narducci, Bonnie Green, John Bohanan, Ed Forsman and Karen Garner. Photo courtesy The Patuxent Partrnership
(l to r) George Erichsen, George Hurlburt, Dr. Frank Narducci, Bonnie Green, John Bohanan, Ed Forsman and Karen Garner. Photo courtesy The Patuxent Partrnership

The Patuxent Partnership (TPP) held its annual meeting on Wednesday, November 7trh at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center after being delayed a week because of Super Storm Sandy. Speakers at the meeting included Del. John Bohanan, senior advisor to Rep. Steny Hoyer (D: 5th) and Dr. Frank Narducci, a NAVAIR physicist. The members also received a briefing on the new Patuxent River Naval Air Museum

The meeting was held on the morning after the 2012 General Election. Bohanan noted he was attending after a long night in which his boss easily won his 16th term in the U.S. House of Representatives. Hoyer, who lives in St. Mary’s, lost his home county in the 2010 election. But Bohanan pointed out that he took St. Mary’s this time (with 52.6 percent of the vote). In fact the small portion of Anne Arundel County that lies in District 5 was the only area that went for Republican Tony O’Donnell. Hoyer garnered almost 70 percent of the vote in his district. “On his behalf, I thank you very much,” Bohanan said.

“We have a lot of challenges ahead and we have some great opportunities in addressing those challenges,” he said, not the least of which is the looming fiscal cliff. Bohanan said that the base may be faced with some reductions in the future. “We are going to have to find ways to replace those reductions,” he said.

Bohanan said St. Mary’s County had the opportunity to become “one of the best communities in the country.” He said that can be accomplished by focusing on education at all levels, including the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center, the meeting’s venue. “We have one of the best school systems in the country but we can do better,” he added.

Bohanan said the existence of the Navy in the community was an added benefit for the education opportunities, including the county’s STEM programs. He said the community needed to redouble its efforts to make the system even greater.

Dr. Narducci talked about the applied physics collaboration between the base and St. Mary’s College of Maryland, He described applied physics as “physics with an eye towards technological application,” and he gave an example of how that was being used on the base. He urged TPP members to bring in interns for their labs.

The briefing on the new museum was given by St. Mary’s County Director of Public Works and Transportation George Erichsen and Pax River Naval Air Museum Association President CAPT Ed Forsman, USN (ret) and Treasurer George Hurlburt. Ground was broken for the $5 million, 21,000 square foot museum that will be finished in a year and ready to open to the public six months later after being equipped and furnished.

At the meeting it was announced that TPP’s board of directors has five new members:

·Robert Farinelli, director of the Institute for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at the College of Southern Maryland.

·Randy Loyer, director of PricewaterhouseCoopers, L.L.P.

·Robert Papak, corporate business development senior manager for CACI

·Ajay Sehgal, chief engineer, systems for Wyle, and

·Gene Townsend, owner of GT Financial Services, Inc.

Board President Karen garner said, “We are pleased to welcome these individuals who bring a breadth and depth of experience, and who will guide the Partnership in its initiatives in science, technology, workforce development and related activities.”

“The members of the Board of Directors play a vital role and are committed to our mission,” said TPP Executive Director Bonnie Green. “We are fortunate to have Board members who actively support our initiatives.”

Other TPP board members are:

·President Karen Garner of RED-INC

·Vice President Ed Barrett

·Treasurer Mike Dugan

·Secretary Linda Vassallo of the Calvert County Department of Economic Development

·Executive Committee At-Large Member Dane Swanson of Modern Technology Solutions

·Joe Anderson of CSC Applied Technology Group

·Lee Bradshaw of Technology Security Associates

·Wayne Clark, executive director of Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland

·Karen Holcomb of Leadership Southern Maryland

·Al Hovland of St. Mary’s College of Maryland

·Glen Ives of Sabre Systems

·Gene McHugh of Redblack Communications

·Dale Moore of NAWC-AD, and

·Steve Wall of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development.

The Patuxent Partnership works with government, industry and academia on initiatives in science and technology, hosts programs if interest to NAVAIR and the broader DoD community, and supports workforce development, including education initiatives and professional development. Their website is or you can call 301-866-1739.

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