Juvenile Charged in Waldorf Garage Fire

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Juvenile Charged in Waldorf Garage Fire

Waldorf, MD - 9/9/2012

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Deputy State Fire Marshals have charged a local eleven year old juvenile with setting fire to contents inside of a residential garage. Friday evening Deputy State Fire Marshals made contact with the suspect and the mother about the charges.

The incident occurred on August 31, 2012 just before 5 P.M. At 2175 Fawn Court when the homeowner discovered the fire.. Six Waldorf firefighters responded and quickly extinguished the small fire. Investigators determined that clothing was placed  on the garage floor and intentionally set on fire. There was no damage to the garage itself.

The juvenile has been referred to the Department of Juvenile Services with second degree malicious burning. The juvenile remains in the custody of the mother pending further action by Juvenile Services.

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