Missing Hughesville Teen Found

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Missing Hughesville Teen Found

Hughesville, MD - 7/9/2012

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By Andy Marquis

18-year-old Daniel Brannon was reported missing and volunteers have begun to search the Hughesville area for him. Word quickly spread of the teenager’s disappearance through social media on Monday.  Later Monday night, he was said to be home with his father.
“At 2:30 AM Monday, July 9th, Daniel Brannon, 18 years old left Lake Jameson (Hughesville, MD) and has been reported missing,” the note, posted by Jill Fraley on Facebook, said. “Daniel drove from Pale Morning Court in his late model white four door sedan, which was found at noon at the Hotel Charles. He is approximately 5'9", 165 lbs., and is a Caucasian male with short brown hair, last seen wearing a dark tank top, tan khaki shorts, and sneakers.”
Volunteers searched for the teenager in Hughesville on Monday, but suspended the search later that evening due to darkness. He was spotted on Monday night, unharmed and it was reported Monday night that he was home with his father.

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