Planners Approve Indian Head Tech Park Plan

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Planners Approve Indian Head Tech Park Plan

La Plata, MD - 3/27/2012

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By Andy Marquis

Indian Head Highway (MD-210)
Indian Head Highway (MD-210)
The preliminary plan for the controversial Indian Head Science and Technology Park was approved by the Charles County Planning Commission on Monday night. However, Chief of Resource and Infrastructure Management Jason Groth said traffic improvements would be needed for the park.
Groth said traffic improvements would need to be made at MD-227, MD-224, MD-210 and Billingsley Road. A signal would be needed on Billingsley Road and Groth recommended a roundabout at MD-227 and MD-224. However, all the roads except Billingsley Road are state highways.
Environmentalists and soime area residents oppose the tech park, which would be built on MD-210 and MD-224 near Maryland Airport, due to concerns over ordinance testing and hazardous materials. The tech park would be close to an elementary and a middle school. Signs can be seen on MD-224 near the airport from residents who oppose the plan.
“It makes me again question the need for the Bryan's Road Tech Park when it is clear that defense contractors would prefer closer proximity to their naval customer,” Robinson said.
Supporters of the Indian Head Science and Technology Park have said it is necessary to approve the plan to keep NSWC Indian Head Division open.
“Normally, ‘close’ is specified in the defense contract that the business will be no more than x minutes from the facility,” President of the Western Charles Business Association Vincent Hungerford told TheBayNet back in December. “Normally it’s ten minutes. The tech park would be a very nice thing for the base. We’re going to have a (Base Realignment and Closure) coming up in 2015. The more support activities you have for the base in the area helps enhance the possibility for the base to stay open.”
Planning Commission Member Joan Jones said the plan did not adversely affect public facilities and made the motion for the approval of the preliminary plan. The preliminary plan was approved.  The tech park will be in a Planned Employment Park (PEP) Zone and the approved plan was for 15 lots sitting on 260.5166 acres.

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