LETTER: Calvert Schools Closed Tomorrow

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LETTER: Calvert Schools Closed Tomorrow

Calvert County, MD - 8/30/2011

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Dear CCPS Community,

I hope you are all well and getting life straightened out after Irene. I had hoped we would be able to open school on Wednesday, but after hearing all of the information from across the county, I am choosing to keep school closed for one more day. I think we will be able to open schools on Thursday but that will be announced Wednesday afternoon. While many homes in the community have had their electrical service restored, as of 2:20 this afternoon there are still 13,284 Calvert County residences in the dark (BGE 3,576 & SMECO 10,294). One school is completely without power and another just lost power after having it restored yesterday. Several schools still have phone and internet issues.

The biggest issue we continue to face as a school system is the transportation of students. Our buses travel over 17,000 miles each day. The combination of low hanging power lines, stumps and trees on the edges of roads, and blocked and closed roads create too many hazards for us to safely operate the buses.

The county government, utility companies and private residents have done a tremendous job of cleaning up Calvert County since Sunday. One more day should allow them the time they need to significantly reduce the risk to students, parents, bus drivers and citizens. Another announcement will be sent out tomorrow afternoon regarding school on Thursday.

Take care and be safe,

Jack Smith, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Calvert County Public Schools

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