Calvert Shop with a Cop "Back to School"

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Calvert Shop with a Cop "Back to School"


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On August 6th, 2011 the Calvert Shop with a Cop program participated in the very first “Back to School” Shop with a Cop event.The Calvert Shop with a Cop program decided that this was a good time of the year to host this event and help send the children who participated back to school with new clothing and school supplies in hopes that it would increase their self-esteem.Children from the county’s six middle schools were referred by the school counselors.The participants of the event were from all portions of Calvert County.They were picked up by Law Enforcement Officers from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, The Maryland State Police, The Maryland Natural Resources Police, The Prince George’s County Police and a member of the Maryland National Guard.Also numerous volunteers assisted with shopping and the meal preparation.The Calvert Optimist Clubs were involved in the days’ activities as well.

The day started with officers picking up the children and transporting them to Lord Calvert Bowl, where they were treated to two free games of bowling and shoe rentals.Breakfast was also provided to the children courtesy of Janie Hanko.There was friendly competition between the officers and the children who tried to out bowl each other on the lanes as music was pumping and lights were flashing.The Lord Calvert Bowl staff also gave each child free passes to come back and bowl another time.

The next phase of the day was a police escort complete with lights and sirens to the Wal-Mart in Prince Frederick.The children were provided with $200 to purchase clothing and school supplies.Wal-Mart gave each child a tax exemption as well so the children were able to exceed the $200 limit.It was nice to see that some children were excited at this opportunity to purchase clothing for themselves instead of receiving hand me down clothing from older siblings or relatives.One of the children commented that they had never had brand new clothing of their own.

When the children were done shopping they were transported to the St. Leonard Fire House where they were treated to a lunch provided by Chick Fil A.The St. Leonard Ladies Auxiliary also provided drinks and prepared the area where the lunch was provided. Rita’s of Prince Frederick provided Cotton Candy and Pineapple Ice for the children.The children were also treated to free haircuts and hair supplies and manicures for the young ladies, all courtesy of  “Hair Line” of Dunkirk.It was a very nice day which brought a lot of joy to the children who participated as well as the officers and volunteers who donated their time.

The Calvert Shop with a Cop program is funded by donations from individuals and the business community.A portion of the funds used for this event were from fundraisers that the owners of the Chick Fil A in St. Mary’s County hosted over the summer months.We are hopeful that next year we will hold another back to school event and be able to serve more children who are in need.

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