Two Car Accident at Route 2 and Route 260 Intersection

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Two Car Accident at Route 2 and Route 260 Intersection


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By Dennis Hook

On Saturday, August 6, 2011, at approximately 5:35 pm, there was a report of an auto accident at the intersection of Route 2 and Route 4. The Dunkirk Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad (Co. 5), ambulances from Dunkirk (Co.5) and Huntingtown (Co. 6) as well as the Medic from Anne Arundel County responded to the call.

Chief 5 (T. Sealey) arrived and had command.  There were two individuals that needed treatment.  One was transported to Calvert Memorial Hospital with minor injuries and the other was transported to a landing zone for Trooper 7 to transport.  The person being flown out was having breathing problems.  It was reported that he was a man in his 70’s who had a triple bypass already.

 Squad 5 handled the accident scene and then handled the landing zone afterward.  Calvert County Sheriff along with fire service handled traffic control.  Sheriff’s Department is handling investigation on the cause of accident.

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