SMCSO "Operation Most Wanted"

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SMCSO "Operation Most Wanted"

St. Mary's County, MD - 7/5/2011

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On June 24, 2011 the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office in cooperation with the following agencies:

Maryland State Police Leonardtown

Southern Maryland Intelligence Center

Maryland State Fire Marshal

Department of Parole & Probation

Department of Juvenile Services


St. Mary’s County Detention Center

Conducted “Operation Most Wanted”.The goal of the operation was to reduce crime and arrest criminal offenders thus enhancing the quality of life in St. Mary’s County by identifying and arresting individuals who engage in illegal activity.

The operation began at 4:00 pm and concluded at midnight.Over forty (40) law enforcement officers attempted to serve one hundred and six (106) open warrants.The types of warrants included: felony warrants, misdemeanor warrants, domestic violence warrants, child support warrants and parole re-take warrants.In addition, law enforcement officers were teamed with adult and juvenile probation officers who conducted nine (9) parole and probation Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI) checks, as well as, sixty (60) juvenile probation home visits. The Violence Prevention Initiative targets Maryland’s most violent criminal offenders.For more information on the Violence Prevention Initiative visit the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention at

As a result of the operation sixteen individuals were arrested and fifteen (15) warrants served, including one parole re-take warrant.The VPI investigations lead to the gathering of information to make application for the arrest of an individual who was in violation of the terms and conditions of his probation.Once that parole violation warrant is issued the offender will be arrested.No juvenile probation violations were detected.

The following individuals were arrested:

Alexis Reynard Bowman, 31 of Clements, Md. – Failure to appear for a Violation of Probation hearing

Dana Lavelle Field, 40 of Lexington Park, Md. – Failure to pay child support

St Aubin David Allen, 51 of Mechanicsville, Md. – First Degree Assault

Mary Aretha Bond, 48, Leonardtown, Md. – Possession of a controlled dangerous substance

Brandon Maurice Somerville, 24, Mechanicsville, Md. – Possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance

Robert Wade Norwood, Sr. 45 of Mechanicsville, Md. – Failure to appear, driving under the influence

Vennesa Marie Long, 26 of Mechanicsville, Md. – Violation of probation

Kevin Eugene Watts, 47 of Lexington Park, Md. – Failure to pay child support

Eddie Carter III, 39 of Lexington Park, Md. – Second degree assault & third degree sex offense.

Latoyia Denise Barnes, 24 of Lexington Park, Md. – Second degree assault

James Edward Scriber, 54 of Mechanicsville, Md. – Failure to pay a fine

Thomas Philip Schmitz, Sr. 62 of Colton’s Point, Md. – Failure to pay child support

Albert Cornellis Washington, 54 of Valley Lee, Md. – Violation of probation

Dale Ross Sprouse, 48 of Leonardtown, Md. – Illegal possession of a regulated firearm & reckless endangerment

James William Waters, 31 of St. Inigoes, Md. – Parole Violation Re-take Warrant – original charge – robbery.

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