Single Vehicle Over Enbankment On Chaneyville Road

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Single Vehicle Over Enbankment On Chaneyville Road

Dunkirk, MD - 5/31/2011

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By Dennis Hook

On Tuesday, May 31, 2011, at approximately 7:15 pm, the Dunkirk Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad (Co. 5) and Huntingtown Squad (Co. 6) along with their ambulances responded to Chaneyville Road near Hampton Way where a single vehicle with driver only lost control and went over embankment into woods.
Once the Squad from Dunkirk arrived and evaluated the situation, Ambulance from 6 was cancelled and the Squad from 6 handled the landing zone for State Trooper Helicopter # 7 who responded to landing site at Northern High School.
The driver was transported to Baltimore Trauma Center.
The police will handle the investigation of the accident.

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