Commissioner Hospitalized After Reported Suicide Attempt

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Commissioner Hospitalized After Reported Suicide Attempt

Valley Lee, MD - 4/11/2011

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By Dick Myers

St. Mary’s County Government has no official comment on reports that Commissioner Cindy Jones attempted suicide last Wednesday. According to the log of the incident, a call came into the county’s emergency operations center at 4:25:21 p.m. The caller was a male child. According to the report, “The caller advised his mother was in the shed with a rope around her neck.” The incident is listed on the report as a “psychiatric/suicide attempt".
 A Maryland State Police officer first arrived on the scene at the Jones residence on Usher Lane in Valley Lee at 4:25:38 followed by an emergency unit from the Second District Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad at 4:28:07.
The incident report does not detail what types of life-saving measures were taken. It does say that the ambulance left the house at 4:42:16 and arrived at St. Mary’s Hospital at 5:04:42 p.m.
A call to the Jones home went unanswered. It is not known when she is expected to return to the commissioner table. The commissioners meet tomorrow at 9 a.m.
Jones, 40, was a political unknown when she defeated two-term county commissioner, Kenneth Dement, in the Republican primary last September. She then easily defeated Elfreda Mathis in the November general election.
According to the county commissioners’ web site, Jones was raised in Southeast Minnesota and graduated from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota with a B.A. in Philosophy and a minor in voice. She worked at Pax River at PMA 272 and was a financial analyst at PMA 265. Jones has been an independent business owner for the past 11 years with Mary Kay Cosmetics.
For two and a half years, Jones was Director of Worship and Arts at Good Samaritan Lutheran Church in Lexington Park. She has supported and volunteered with the Optimist Club of Tall Timbers, FLOW Mentoring Program, and W.A.R.M.
Jones has a husband and two children.

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