The Great Big Home and Leisure Show

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The Great Big Home and Leisure Show


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By David Collins

Great Big Home And Leisure Show

March 25-27 The Baynet was a part of The Great Big Home and Leisure Show at Waldorf’s Capital Clubhouse where local businesses from all over southern Maryland assembled to showcase the excellent products and services that they offer. Also on showcase were great organizations such as Homes For Heroes. Homes For Heroes have thousands of businesses across the U.S who want to give back to the local heroes like members of our Armed Services, firefighters, local police departments, and emergency response teams.  Their whole mission is to give back to the selfless service with a no strings attached kind of view. There were also a health and wellness businesses showcased.

    Visitors were able take a break and try out a new state of the art Electric Muscle Massager or get their teeth whitened. For anyone with that major sweet tooth, Calvert Kettle Corn was there with kettle corn with flavors ranging from classic to chocolate even to blueberry and orange. Aside from all the businesses, there were soap opera celebrities and local professional football players to greet patrons.  Lovely actresses Terri Conn and Shenaz Tresaurywala from ABC’s One Life To Live made a guest appearance at The Baynet booth. Terri Conn and Shenaz Treasurywala sat at the booth patiently signing autographs and taking pictures. At the Mark’s Electronics booth were football greats Gary Clark, Dexter Manley, and Mike Sellers who also made guest appearances signing autographs and taking pictures.

After a weekend long of great laughs, we would personally like to thank all of the patrons, lovely soap stars, NFL greats, and amazing businesses that came out and made The Great Big Home And Leisure Show such a success.

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