Clerk Busts Woman Using Counterfeit Cash

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Clerk Busts Woman Using Counterfeit Cash


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On January 30, 2011 Connie Lynn Hutchens, 33 of White Plains, Md., attempted to purchase items from the Burchmart on Three Notch Road in Charlotte Hall, using counterfeit currency.  

When the store clerk confronted Hutchens about the counterfeit currency she then paid with legal currency and attempted to retrieve the counterfeit bills from the store manager.  The manager refused to return the counterfeit money and Hutchens left the store in a Ford.  The manager called 911 and reported the incident and provided a description of the vehicle and tag number Hutchens was driving.  

Hutchens was stopped on Three Notch Road in the area of Old Village Drive and transported back to the Burchmart where she was identified as the individual who attempted to pass the counterfeit currency.  Hutchens was arrested.  A search incident to the arrest revealed Hutchens was in possession of additional counterfeit currency.  Hutchens was charged with possessing counterfeit currency.  

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