State Parks Reduce Schedule for Holidays and Service Reduction Days

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State Parks Reduce Schedule for Holidays and Service Reduction Days

MARYLAND - 12/24/2010

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As part of the State’s Furlough and Temporary Salary Reduction Plan, Maryland State Parks and other public lands managed by the State will be closed during service reduction days for the 2010 holiday season. Public use parking lots, buildings and other facilities will not be available on those days. Maryland State Parks will be open and operational on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

The holiday closing schedule is as follows:
December 23 – Service Reduction Day
December 25 (Christmas Day)
December 30 – Service Reduction Day

All State Park camping and cabin reservations will be honored on those days. Law enforcement personnel (Maryland Park Service Rangers and Natural Resources Police) will be on duty during the holidays and service reduction days.
In addition to regular holidays (Christmas Day and New Years Day), all DNR offices and service centers will be closed on service reduction days (December 23, Christmas Eve, December 30 and New Years Eve) as well.

On May 21, 2010, Governor O’Malley issued Executive Order 01.01.2010.11, “Fiscal Year 2011 State Employees’ Furlough and Temporary Salary Reduction Plan,” detailing the continuing, urgent need to reduce State budget expenditures through a combination of a temporary reduction in salaries, furloughs, and service reduction days. It is estimated that the furlough and salary reduction plans will save the State more than $100 million and prevent the elimination of more than 1,500 State jobs.

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