Are You Ready For Some Flag Football?

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Are You Ready For Some Flag Football?

LEXINGTON PARK - 11/18/2010

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Welcome to the gridiron at Esperanza Middle School, where on Nov. 9, the Esperanza Middle School Pirates All-Star Flag Football team took on the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Division in a head-to-head game of flag football.

Esperanza Middle School has developed an intramural flag football division comprised of sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders to promote teamwork and friendship among student athletes.  Four teams, the Buccaneers, Corsairs, Black Pearls and Sea Raiders, competed after school in a double-elimination season with the Buccaneers winning the championship.

“The sports portion of our PBIS program has had a very positive effect on student behavior.  It builds skills such as; team work, leadership and respect.  The students are very proud of their accomplishments and take their sports and the House Championship very seriously.  It was great to see the students interacting with the Deputy's in such a positive manner.  As I watched from the sideline, I received outstanding feedback from the many parents attending the game!  The students were very proud of their win and I've already heard rumors of a possible rematch in basketball!” (Principal Jill A. Snyder-Mills, Esperanza Middle School)

Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office heard about the flag football competition and challenged the Esperanza Pirates to put together an All-Star team for a friendly game of flag football against the Sheriff’s Office “All-Stars.”  At stake: flag football bragging rights. 

The weather was crisp and the competition, tough.  The Esperanza Pirates jumped out to an early lead, but the deputies then went to work with Captain Steve Hall at quarterback.  By halftime, the Sheriff’s Office commanded a 12-point lead.  The Pirates refused to give up, however, and managed to come back from a large deficit to send the game into overtime where they scored the winning point and a stunning victory.

“These are the kinds of events that make us feel so fortunate.  Interacting with the kids today proved once again that you are never too old to learn.  The foundation of perseverance is character.  These students never gave up.  They worked as a team and earned a victory.  Congratulations Esperanza Pirates – you truly are All-Stars,” said Cpt. Steve Hall.

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