Sex Offender Notification

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Sex Offender Notification

ST. MARY'S COUNTY - 7/6/2010

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In a continuing effort to keep the citizens of St. Mary’s County, Maryland informed, Sheriff Timothy Cameron makes the following notification:

Registered Sex Offender Clinton Wayne Rankin was arrested on June 14, 2010 for failing to notify local law enforcement of a change in address.  On July 2, 2010 Clinton Rankin was released on bond from the St. Mary’s County Detention Center.  He will be residing on Winding Way, Lord Calvert Trailer Park in Lexington Park, Maryland.  He is currently unemployed.

For further information on registered sex offenders in St. Mary’s County, Maryland contact Corporal William Raddatz at (301) 475-4200 ext. 1958

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